What about treatments?

While more of us are HIV positive than ever before, improvements in treatment have meant that most HIV positive people live relatively healthy lives so you can't tell whether someone has HIV or not.

Advances in treatment mean most people need to take fewer pills than they used to and treatment side effects have also become less of a problem for many. It's important to note though that living with HIV is definitely not easy and some people still have problems with medications.

Some people with HIV, particularly those who have been on treatment for longer, can experience conditions associated with premature ageing. These include heart disease, loss of bone density, liver and kidney disease, cancer, diabetes and neurological impairments. Regular monitoring and, where possible, taking steps to lower general risk of getting these conditions are important. Regular exercise, diet and work-life balance and stopping smoking are vital.

Percentage of HIV positive men on treatment

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I probably think a little bit more consciously about my health and things like that. At the moment, now that I've found my medications and it's under control, I feel good about it.

David, HIV positive

Because I'm positive I only seek out other positive guys for sex, therefor eliminating any chance of infecting somebody else.

Cameron, HIV positive

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