Which gay men are most at risk of HIV infection?

Recent research suggests there are three broad categories of men who most commonly appear among recent diagnoses.


New infections
  • 25% of men recently diagnosed with HIV were probably in SERODISCORDANT RELATIONSHIPS (where one partner has HIV and the other doesn't) and usually avoid unprotected sex but may occasionally take a risk or experience a condom breakage. In other cases a partner may have been unaware he had HIV and inadvertently passed it on.
  • 35% of men recently diagnosed with HIV were probably SEXUALLY ADVENTUROUS and play in networks where unprotected sex is more likely to occur including when men have many different sexual partners, have group sex and take drugs during sex.
  • 35% of men recently diagnosed with HIV usually used condoms but were likely to have SLIPPED UP on this occasion for a variety of reasons.

Note: There is overlap between groups as the boundaries are blurred. Men can also belong to two groups and often change from one group to another over time.

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